Purchasing County Held Certificates

Certificates that do not sell at the tax certificate sale become property of the County and are available for purchase through our vendor's website - LienHub. County held certificates are not available for purchase while our vendor is preparing for the annual tax certificate sale to be held on June 1. County held certificates are available for purchase beginning July 1.

If you wish to purchase County Held Certificates, please click on the following – LienHub. All questions pertaining to navigating this site must be directed to LienHub.

Things to know when buying Tax Certificates/Liens in Flagler County

A tax certificate is an interest bearing lien against the property for the unpaid taxes and is not the purchase of the property.

Payment of the bill(s) through a record search on our website DOES NOT result in the purchase of the certificate(s). This only results in the payment of the taxes on behalf of the property owner.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the purchaser or his agent to research properties prior to purchasing. The Flagler County Tax Collector’s office makes no claim as to the merit of any investment.

Click here to purchase County Held Certificates

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