Motor Vehicle Titles

All transfers of ownership must be completed within 30 days of the date the vehicle is assigned by the owner or a $20.00 penalty is levied at the time of transfer. Title fees range from $75.75 to $95.75 with options of recording a lien and leaving the office with your new certificate of title in hand.

Florida Vehicle Titles

To transfer a Florida title, the seller must complete the transfer information on the current title, including the purchaser’s name, the selling price, and the odometer reading at the time of sale. (A bill of sale may be submitted for proof of purchase price.) Sales tax will be collected if applicable.

Seller's will want to protect yourself by completing a Notice of Sale, which removes your name from the vehicle so you are no longer liable for the vehicle you sold. As of July 2009, Florida law requires all sellers to notify the DMV of the sale using the top back portion of your title or a Notice of Sale form.

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Out-of-State Titles

An out-of-state title must be submitted as proof of ownership and if transfer of ownership is involved, it must be properly assigned indicating the new owner’s information. An application for Florida title must be completed and accompanied by verification of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and odometer reading. If you are applying by mail, please contact our office at 386-313-4160 for more information. All applicable fees for title, lien, registration and sales tax must be paid at the time of application.

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For vehicles with a lien:
If the out-of-state title is currently in the possession of an out-of-state lienholder, you must contact the lienholder to request that the title be transferred to Florida. Please use this form to request the title from the lienholder.

New Vehicles

All new vehicles are required to have a Manufacturer Certificate of Origin or Manufacturer Statement of Origin which must be properly completed for transfer to the buyer. The MCO or MSO must be submitted along with an application for Florida title. If you are applying by mail, please contact our office for assistance. Sales tax will be collected if applicable. All title fees, lien fees and registration fees must be paid, if applicable.

Duplicate Titles

A duplicate title may be obtained by completing a Form 82101. It must be signed and submitted to the Tax Collector.

Miscellaneous Title Applications and Transfers

Contact the Tax Collector’s Office for information on miscellaneous title applications and transfers such as Death of Owner, Court Orders, Change of Name, Repossessions, Rebuilt Vehicles, and Bankruptcy.

Sales Tax

Sales tax as required by Chapter 212, Florida Statutes is 6% of the purchase price, less trade in, if any. Gifts, trade down or even trade, order of court in divorce proceedings, inheritance, transfer to immediate family, change of name only, etc., may be exempt from sales tax. Flagler County imposes a 1% county optional sales tax on the first $5,000.

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