Suzanne Johnston
Flagler County Tax Collector


Annual license taxes for the operation of motor vehicles are defined by Florida Statutes, and must be paid at the time of registration and renewal. All fees are subject to change by Legislative Act.

Initial Registration Fee

The first time a license plate is purchased for a motor vehicle,a $225.00 initial registration fee, effective September 1, 2009, may be imposed. This fee applies to private automobiles, motor homes and trucks weighing less than 5,000 pounds.


Military Rates

Members of the Armed Forces stationed in Florida, but who maintain their legal residence outside the State of Florida, are classified as non-resident military and are eligible for special registration rates. To qualify for the special rates, Florida law requires that the vehicle owner must submit a copy of military orders or a current leave & earning statement for review.

Regular rates will apply if the non-resident's status changes. Also, if military orders transfer the owner out of the state of Florida, they are no longer entitled to Florida registration. If the vehicle owner is a Florida resident, the vehicle can be registered in Florida, by signing a military insurance exemption affidavit, furnishing an out-of-state address, and a copy of the military orders, or an affidavit from their commanding officer, confirming their date of assignment.

Information on Applying for Florida Title

Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration (82040)

Initial Registration Fee Exemption (82002)

Vehicle Identification Number Form (82042)

Florida Insurance Affidavit (83330)

Military Insurance Exemption Affidavit

Rate Chart